The Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) is a powerful radio telescope that uses a technique called "aperture synthesis" to generate radio images of the sky. The telescope consists of 14 steerable 25m dish antennas and enables astronomers to study a wide range of astrophysics phenomena. The WSRT is an open user facility available for scientists from any country. It is also part of the European VLBI network (EVN) of radio telescopes.

Apertif System Overview

Information on APERTIF's technical specifications, observing modes and data access.

Apertif Science

Science highlights and list of publications with APERTIF data.

Apertif Surveys

Specification and science goals of the now concluded APERTIF surveys.

Apertif Data Access

Description of various types of APERTIF data products, manual on how to access APERTIF data, APERTIF data policy.

WSRT on the Web (WOW)

Web access to the WSRT pointed observations and mosaic continuum observations of large fields, including WENSS.


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