Science @ ASTRON

Compact Objects

Topics: Pulsar, Fast Radio Bursts, Nanohertz gravitational waves, relativistic explosions.

Cosmology, Large-scale structure and Lensing

Topics: Galaxy clusters, test of dark matter, gravitational lensing, cosmic dawn, epoch of reionization

Active Galactic Nuclei

Topics: Cold gas around AGN, AGN feedback and life cycles, AGN at high-resolution, AGN as probes of interstellar plasma

Space Physics and Exoplanets

Topics: Solar physics, solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field, Earth's ionosphere, stellar corona and mass ejections, exoplanets and brown dwarfs

Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Topics: Neutral hydrogen in local galaxies and dwarf galaxies, star formation and AGN activity at high redshift

Publications and PhD theses

Scientific publications of ASTRON astronomers from the current year back to 2008.


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