Useful software and documentation

Useful software and documentation

    Installing the LOFAR Software at external computing facilities

    This page will redirect you to build instructions for the LOFAR common software packages.


    LOFAR Beam formed / pulsar tools

    A GitHub repository of scripts to use for analysis of beam formed / pulsar data. Available here.


    LOFAR Imaging Software (external packages)

    A collection of links of documented data reduction tools developed and maintained by external experienced users. The general repository is available here. Specific ones are listed below:

    • Dysco (a compressing storage manager for Casacore measurement sets)
    • LoSoTo (LOFAR solutions tool)
    • LSM Tool (LOFAR Local Sky Model Tool)
    • PyBDSF (Python Blob Detector and Source Finder)
    • RMextract (extract TEC, vTEC, Earth magnetic field and Rotation Measures from GPS and WMM data for radio interferometry observations)
    • Sagecal (GPU/MIC accelerated radio interferometric calibration program)
    • WSClean (fast widefield interferometric imager)


    LOFAR (Generic) Pipeline Framework

    Documentation about how to define a pipeline for the execution with the Generic Pipeline Framework is available here.


    LOFAR Imaging Pipelines

    Several imaging pipelines are available for processing LOFAR LBA and HBA data.

    • Factor (Facet calibration for LOFAR)
    • Long Baseline Generic Pipeline (a generic pieline implementation of the LOFAR long baseline pipeline reduction) documentation can be found here.
    • prefactor (Pre facet calibration pipeline)
    • Pill (pipeline for LOFAR LBA imaging data reduction - under development)
    • DDFacet¬†(direction dependent calibration software used for the LOTSS survey)


    LOFAR User Script Repository

    A GitHub repository of 3rd party contributions for LOFAR data processing. Available here.


    Running LOFAR imaging pipelines using Docker/Singularity

    Available here.

    Disclaimer: Some of the LOFAR software packages presented in this page are developed and maintained by third parties. Their usage and the support need to be agreed with them directly and acknowledged accordingly.


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